Whose the boss apple sauce? Would Andy Warhol have a blog?

“In the future everyone one will be famous for fifteen minutes.”

I don’t think that Andy Warhol had blogging in mind when he coined the above phrase.  However, since he has spoken those words, only YouTube and the plethora of blogs have made that quote a reality.

Perez Hilton, the “Queen of all Media”?  No one would have known his name if he hadn’t created a paparazzi photo gallery of A and B listers, made fun of everyone and then tried to be their best friend.  Well, I kind of want to be his friend.  Who is wearing underwear today, who got wasted last night, who was arrested this morning.  Perez Hilton fills us all in on our need for celebrity gossip.  He updates his site almost hourly, which I rather enjoy.  Perez knows what’s going down days before Anderson Cooper.

Others that have caught a little of the blog fame bug are: Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report and Frank Warren’s PostSecret 

 “Chocolate Rain” anyone?  So I totally got into this when I found out about it September 2007. Tay Zonday, a University of Minnesota American Studies graduate student got his day in the sun.  Adam Nyerere Bahner, better known as Tay Zonday posted a home made music video on YouTube and all of a sudden he was known across the nation.  YouTube made him popular enough to open for national acts.  Obviously I had to go see him when he opened for GirlTalk.  Nothing impressive, but it makes me smile inside that an American Studies graduate student manipulated the US via YouTube.


 Think back to, oh I don’t know, 1990, when the latest fashion trend was rolling your pants.  Five months later we were all like totally over it, but for a brief minute it was all the rage.  That’s what “Chocolate Rain” reminds me of.


But the real question is would Andy Warhol ever have approved of rolling the jeans? 






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2 responses to “Whose the boss apple sauce? Would Andy Warhol have a blog?

  1. mryknx

    So if Chocolate Rain became ‘al the rage’ in 1990, would we have had to listen to it for 5 months!? The idea makes me shudder a bit.

  2. i nominate Chocolate rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in a person’s head

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