Yahoo says no to androgyny

Yahoo’s avatar creator, well lets just say, is rather disappointing for a Womyn’s Studies graduate.  The first step is choosing one’s sex with no gender options.  So as I begin creating my avatar as a female, I find nothing that I can relate to.  Although I was born a female and embrace it, I do not find myself embracing mainstream women’s hair stlyes and clothing.  I felt more like a drag queen in the female avatar creator.  Before saving anything, I backed out and started over.  This time around I selectd the male option.  Here I was able to idnetify with the hair and clothing options.  This is what I ended up with.

avatar.jpg  avatar1.jpg

This doesn’t necessarily look like me, but it is a lot closer than if I had gone with the female options.  Later, I went back and tried to create a “female” version of myself.  To do this though, I had to start from scratch.  So above I have the Yahoo male and female version of myself.  Come on yahoo, get with it.  At least Wii allows females to choose from male and female hairstyles when creating a mii. Yahoo, welcome to the Wii age

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One response to “Yahoo says no to androgyny

  1. I have found your secret blog. Perhaps it was only secret to me.

    Now, I will create an RSS feed and look at it everyday. And, I’ll probably blog more now because you inspire me. Or I’m just really competitive. 🙂

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